Honest Mickey, a really safe place so I would not lose it. I never just chucked it in a pile marked ‘miscellaneous  stuff’.  I have seen it several times and continued to be aware it was there and I was going to deal with it, and now, when I am ready, it has decided to go the place of the  jar of umobushi plums that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Into hiding. So now I will start the blame game. My office was in fact designed as a bedroom for a baby. Looks great with a  small cot in it. If you put a 4ft 6” wide bed in it, what ever angle you have it, you can only open the door halfway and you can  only enter by shuffling sideways. We used to have our bed in it, but the room is so small that the condensation from 2 people sleeping in it started to turn our old mattress mouldy ( probably too much information). I now have so  many bits of paper, CDs, DVDs, about 80 old videos, 100 old 8mm videos, files and teaching notes from the last 15 years, music books, useful things, a keyboard, 2 guitars, a paper cutter ( cannot spell that  french word today) a printer, a tower computer, a filing cabinet, 2 chest of draws, 2 chairs and a set of steps that doubles as another stool, 8 shelves of books, an ironing board, a big basket full of wool, 2 cardboard boxes full of wool and me. I yearn and dream of having more space, but would it help??????. I hear Mickey, who has known me for 25 years snort. No it would not. So I now will start to dismantle everything to find a cd with no case and an a4 piece of paper with a list on it…sorry Mickey…will try harder next time.I also checked out the South Brunswick De Clutter Club for some hints and tips and to paper seed for some tidy inspiration.

SONG OF THE DAY  Funky Mouse  – Gitika and the clan

before posting the song…I have to apologise to the several sets of amazing morris dancers who ended up in this track without them knowing. I hope they know how much I love morris dancing and they are added out of deep respect. these lovely girls and women are one of the stars of funky mouse

I just watched funky mouse again and it really cheered me up!

It is hard to believe that a third of the year has gone, and that every day I have managed to write a post. Actually I have a gnawing guilt which I must confess, as I missed a day very early in January, due to misunderstanding the magnificence of the task, and the amount of planning involved in not missing a day. I am still not quite letting myself get away with that. I need to lighten up a bit and know how well I am doing and not just dwell on the bad bit…a habit of mine. I did two posts on a couple of days, but still feel that I have not made up for my missing day.

Ok the confession is over and I am sharing a link with you of 3 of my favourite posts.

Drum roll please…….


In 3rd place was 13th April, part of a week’s saga involving a chocolate bunny and its demise.

In 2nd place was 20th March, a story I wrote when Mr P. went to the shops for a bottle of stout, possibly never to return.

And in first place was 24th February a post about having a cup of tea and a bacon butty with my late Grandad.

One of the other things I have really enjoyed about posting is being able to mix images music, video and words together….just perfect for me. So I also have a list of all the SONG OF THE DAY tracks included in my posts so far, but that is for another day.


It is MAY DAY and that can one mean one thing…….MORRIS DANCERS!!!!

 I am going to repeat a song of the day  as it is the only song I know that has morris dancers in it and it is my self penned ‘funky mouse’ starring family members and friends, a couple of years ago in May. It is a joyous and kids love it! thing