It’s one of those things about living in one of the most gorgeously wonderful metroplises in the world, that when friends and family  come to visit, it is quite hard to just stay in and watch movies  for four days. Yesterday we went down to the River Thames to see some wonderful London sights, the London Eye, the South Bank, the Tate Modern, the Globe, the Millenium Bridge, the amazing view from the river, and a ride on the top deck of a red London bus.

We made sandwiches, carrot sticks, took cheese and onion crisps and flasks of tea, coffee and tick tock tea. What a great idea! Inspired by family coming to visit us with small children, who take sandwiches with them where ever they go. It was so much better than hanging out with the cafe society and spending vast amounts of money. We all sat on a bench next to the river, out came one  of our paper cups on the ground. We ate sandwiches ( me without the bread)  crisps, drank hot drinks tainted with that funny metal flask flavour and sang badly and laughed a lot ( no…no-one put any money in our cup). Best fun bit of the day. Off to the museums today…not so bright at half-term as they will be mobbed….but will they listen? I am taking a brown paper bag to breathe into and a good book as once kids get into that interactive area of the Science Museum, time stands still. I feel my life slipping away from me….

SONG OF THE DAY– I Will Survive – Cake

I am posting this for VR and musician blogger frizz who is playing a particularly good rendition of this song on banjo here. I have done an arrangement where the men  sing the tune, reclaiming this song for the men!

It is true! A new exhibition,  carefully curated at the KK Outlet, Hoxton Square of artwork that has been left on London Public transport – buses, trains tubes and taxis is on now! So if you are a hard up artist or art student…you know what to do….get on the tube to Edgware, or Morden , or High Barnet, or Cockfosters, and just leave your art work all wrapped up in brown paper and string on the tube at the last stop...much safer than exiting at a random station, when someone else might take it home. Wait a couple of years and BHAM! Free exhibition.

I am definately gonna try it. I am going to rustle up a bit of a picture, wrap it up, and leave it on the bus and …wait. But then it might not ever happen again, and then one would be a bit peeved!

Good idea for an exhibition. It is on until the 30th of June so am going to go down anyway as it sounds like a really fun idea. Still think I might leave a picture on the train anyway. In fact if every art student in the whole of London left a piece of art on a public transport machine. Now that might start a little art revolution!


Another of those secret pleasures that is now completely  ‘out of the bag’.  As I am now so offically an anorak, it is ok for me to admit to having a soft spot for this song. So uncool. But there is something about that bit at the end, ‘then one by one the stars would all go out, then you and I would simply fly away’ that used to get me, and still does.

Today its mostly photos from my journey around London yesterday. I attended this amazing  one day course organised  by Sing Up. Not sure what it was going to be as I had seen the word Media in the title, and when I got there it had the word, ‘interviewing’ Media in it. Gulp – It was all about learning how to be interviewed on Radio and TV            ( something I have never done before)

watching back my interview

At the end of the day I have to say, I felt a littler bit more confident about being asked, though when we practiced being interviewed for tv it was completely nerve wracking! There were about 7 people on the course and we all found it really scarey, but learned some really useful hints and tips. Biggest ones being to smile and make eye contact with the interviewer, among many other things.

on the bus
The Lights of the London Eye from the train
From the Bus

St. Paul's Cathedral at lunchtime

So  I was on a bus, a tube, a train and here are some of the places I took photographs  during the day.

Waterloo Station


Genesis -The Carpet Crawlers -Peter Gabriel from ‘Lamb Lies down on