I am always rattling on about The Bishopsgate Singers, who meet at the Bishopsgate Institute every Monday night and are like my homies, as it is the only choir that I started from scratch, and did  not inherit.  We are in one hall, learning pop and world by ear, while the  massively marvellous sounding Royal Philharmonic Choir are learning whizzy classical works in the the other…now that would be a fine collaboration, but I feel it may never ever ever happen ( ha ha…I  also feel a challenge coming on!) I thought it was time to put you out of your misery and show you a picture of the front of the Bishopsgate Institute, neatly tucked in between Pizza Express and  shirt shop, so it would be easy to miss. There now is an entrance round the corner in Brushfield Street, next to Starbucks, and a lovely cafe. The Building is listed, built in the 1890’s and goes back for miles. It has 2 enormous halls, a library and lots of smaller spaces, the list of course and concerts they run is exciting and  varied. A quick picture of the church and the goat in Brushfield Street, just as the sun was going down.

SONG OF THE DAY Cheryl Cole -Promise This

Ok the secret is out…I love this video..it is so beautifully styled.  I love the  shadowy dancing boys and the bare tree silhouette on CC’s dress and in the distance.  Written by Priscilla Renea Hamilton from the US ( 23 years old!). As a songwriter she has written for several big singers and has a couple of albums out too.


I left choir last night and there was a bit of a fog in the air…you can feel the temperature has changed over the last week. If you wear glasses they suddenly start steaming up when you get indoors, because of the rapid temperature change ( that is, if it is warm inside)

I quite often leave the Bishopsgate Institute, Spitalfields, opposite Liverpool Street Station on a Monday night and still am in awe of the buildings in the city, several which have been erected since I started the choir 6 or 7 years ago.

The Institute itself is a listed building, that you can walk right by and miss it, as it is  tucked away in between a  Pizza Express and another shop, but it goes back from the street a long long way. It has a public library and a lovely cafe, a Great Hall and an Upper Hall where they have public concerts and big  choral groups rehearse, lots of other spaces, evening classes and all sorts.

The mix of old and new buildings in the city is wonderful. We rehearsed in St. Botolphs, Bishopsgate a couple of years ago, and I have an ancestor who was married there in the 18th century. Here are a few photos I took as I walked from Liverpool Street to Moorgate Underground. When it is a bit foggy you cannot see the top of the tall buildings. The gherkin is cloaked as are the taller buildings too. Wow, well it still works for me, so I am not ready to leave London yet……

SONG OF THE DAY – What Have I Done to Deserve This -Pet Shop Boys, Dusty Springfield

Rumour has it Pet Shop Boy Neil  might live in Spitalfields, so I thought I would post this, to pay my respect to a  local boy, plus to continue to show constant love for the wonderful wonderful Dusty. May you be singing with the angels.