It’s never too late to take up the piccolo, the guitar, the piano, learn Spanish, Italian, cookery,  rambling, good manners, bad manners  …never too late. I am just re-reading ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron…she says that hostility is met when she says this and people shout..’do you have any idea how old I will be by the time  I am any good at the piccolo?’ (paraphrased)

And the answer is the same age as if you don’t

SO today I am shouting out -IF YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO SOMETHING…IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! Now I am off to the Zoo.

SONG OF THE DAY -Kylie Minogue -It’s never too late

My mate Barnaby played trombone for Kylie and Mr P. was so jealous when Kylie slid down his leg at the O2 . When I met the writers of much of Kylie’s early songs, one of them boasted about how many key changes they had in some of their hits…what ever rocks your boat. I am sending one of them a lot of love today…where ever he is. I forgive you.

Still posting everyday for 2011. I think I had 2 really really favourite posts in May. The first was the post which celebrated National Megaphone Day. click here to read it! I was particularly happy with the research I did and the lovely image I put together. Lets get shouty! I suppose this might be the time to fess up to the fact that I made it all up, but you knew that…didn’t you. My other favourite post was about never trusting a man with no shirt on in the kitchen.

I found this really strange video on youtube of a man making raw tahini without his shirt on and it just made me laugh so much. click here to read it! I think it was more to do with the fact that I was about to write a nice little post on sesame seeds and the man with no shirt  completely ambushed it. ha ha ha.  I managed to find a song of the day that also had a man who looked like someone had stolen his shirt too!


Kylie Minogue- Wouldn’t Change  a Thing

I know lots of people really hated Stock Aitken and Waterman, but I love this track, and have a soft spot for a few of their tunes ( Rick Astley being one of them) I had not heard this for a few years and it actually made me cry! Funny thing memories and nostalgia.