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Photo of the Week – Wildlife

Where are those friggin' birds

Ok ok, so there is not exactly any wildlife in the photo I took last week, unless you think Mr P and Ms WJ are looking a bit on the wild side. I  can assure you, they are  both quite domesticated, and even if they have delusions of being ‘wild things’, they are both very tame. They are, of course looking for wild life….birds, of the feathered variety, so I felt the photo was in keeping with the theme. They are at this moment looking at some pink footed geese. The day had been quite full of some marvellous sightings, including, yellow hammers, corn buntings and egrets. Ra ra ra!


Rocking Robin -The Jackson Five -live version

Singing for the Red Cross Again – No Big Coats Necessary

Singing for the Red Cross

Last Friday some of the Bishopsgate Singers once again
took a turn to the City to once again help raise funds for the Red Cross. Much better weather than the last time we sung, check out the difference in our apparel.

Wrapped Up!

In December we sang for the Red Cross in Leadenhall Market in the City of London and it was fureezing -much to the dismay of the City workers trying to enjoy a quiet pint and a fag outside a couple of hostelries. We raised a few squids for the Red Cross who need  all the help they can get, and every little gesture helps.
This time we sang near Spitalfields Market. Sadly most people just run by, much too busy to listen or to donate, thank goodness Angela’s family  and a couple of partners were there  applauding our efforts. I suppose we should be grateful no-one threw anything at us. It was great fun and gave us a chance to see how much of last term’s repertoire we had remembered…sounded pretty good to me.   New term starts tonight…yippppeeee!

SONG OF THE DAY – I Want You Back -Jackson Five

Yup We are doing this tonight in choir…ha ha