In fact it is Miss Scarlet from Cluedo -who was until 1963 called Miss Scarlett. Lots of interesting history about the game, and   the characters and how it changes over the years both here, and across the Atlantic. An example is that the Reverend Green is always called Mr Green in America as the games folk did not think the Americans would like the idea of a murderous Vicar.

When I taught A’ level music composition, we did an exercise where we all had to take a different character from the game and make up a short musical theme that would describe the character of that person. The other members of the class had to guess which one it was, from the musical ‘theme’. Went quite well.

It has changed again and not certain rooms have disappeared. I think there is a swimming pool and a spa instead of a billiard room and a cellar.


I absolutely hate this record, probably more than any other record of all time…It is like a really really bad version of ‘ Wonderful Tonight'(1977) by Eric Clapton, and  written 11 years later. Bill Bailey did a spoof called Cousin in Red and called this song ‘simpering mawkish cack’ which I feel is putting it mildly. If you really want to freak out a band  at a gig,  who are a bit up themselves, when they ask if anyone has any requests..try shouting..’.doost tha kno ledy in red’ in your best lancastrian accent (I have tried it), that takes the wind out of everyone’s sails.

I once had the pleasure of going camping  in a very remote part of Norfolk and stayed at Mona Snuffling ‘s farm  when CdB was playing in the local country house…so we had to hear the whole set wafting cross the valley…deeeeep joy! So instead of posting the song, which I feel I cannot,  I am posting an interview from room 101 and a spoof of the song by the lovely Bill Bailey, who I have to agree with whole heartedly!!! Stick it in the bin.