Two funny little co-incidences that made me laugh today. The first involved silicone headphones…more on that later.

silicone ear plugs

Tonight I am writing my blog in a service station coffee shop, as I am staying in a hotel-motel-holiday-inn ( ha ha) this evening, as an early start in the morning means it is better to be here than at home.I feel like I am a travelling salesman. A world I know very little about.

As a non car driver, I spend very little time in motorway service stations. So I am half way here and I realise I have forgotten the most important thing, which is my hand made silicone ear plugs which are an absolute essential for hotel-motel-holiday-inn, so go in to Boots the chemist at the railway station and decide on these earplugs. As I get to the paying place the bloke next to me is buying the same earplugs! ‘Have you used them before?’ I say… ‘No  but I’ll let you know how I get on!’ he laughs  ‘ I am going to a rock concert and I left my hand made silicone headphones at home’ he continues,  ‘ha ha ha’ I retort..’me too’. So we go our separate ways, to catch separate trains to completely different places in the country with matching silicone headphones, probably never to  meet again,  bonding for a moment over a pair of silicone headphones!

The second co-incidence today was I have been trying to get into a school  to start a singing project for about 9 months, the head teacher called me and we find that her sister only lives next door to me…small world…….Serendipidous.

So I am hoping my 22 decibel cut silicone £5 earplugs help me sleep in my wierd hotel-motel-holiday inn.

Rapper’s Delight” was released in 1979 single by us hip-hop group The Sugar Hill Gang. It wasn’t the first ever first single to feature rapping -that was ‘Talk to the Animals’ by Rex Harrison – ha ha, but it is generally considered to be the song that first popularized hip hop in the United States and around the world. Once again my song of the day features a song that uses a CHIC  sample -from the song ‘Good Times’. Sleep well!