Tony Grey

If you are confused, a glissando on the piano is when the pianist moves their thumb from the top piano keys to the bottom making a long shimmy of a sound, very cabaret,  and a bit naff if overused There is definately a time and a place for a ‘gliss'( as they are called in the business).  What is funny is I had not though of Tony Grey as being a ‘glissando’ kinda guy. Here is a video so you can all do one later ( in the privacy of your own homes mind!) it.

I have a couple of other pianist friends who learned classical piano – as soon as they play anything up tempo and ‘poppy’ out comes the glissando every couple of lines ’til you just want to go over and chop their thumbs off ( you know who you are!)  So Tony was warned by 300 children in unison that there would be ‘no glissandos today Tony Grey’, just in case he got the urge to. I am sure there is a t-shirt slogan in there somewhere ‘born to gliss’.

SONG OF THE DAY –True Colours written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly          ( they wrote ‘I drove all night,’ ‘eternal flame’ , ‘I’ll stand by you’, ‘like a virgin’- among others) performed by the Gay Men’s Chorus of  Los Angeles and their friends and families…….I needed a hanky again when I watched this video!

I am in love with True Colours today as I saw the most beautiful set of kids from the local school for deaf children. We all cried as they were so expressive as they signed the song for us, which was amazing.

So here it is  True Colours, well worth learning to sign it too!