Now this is getting beyond a joke and a bit…may I say completely boring for everyone. I think the best thing for me to do is to go into a period of denial.. still not a river in Egypt.  ( The old ones are still the best) If I pretend this is all not happening, maybe it will just go away. Maybe if I just step away from the rabbit that has a large hole in its nether regions, the whole disastrous situation will go away. I will open my eyes and my rabbit will be whole, rather than holy. Perhaps that is not right either, as I am not looking for anything spiritual here.It’s all material here… I JUST WANT MY BUNNY BACK. Though praying might help. A bit of divine intervention could be the key to bringing back my bunny’s missing bits. We still have a long wait until Easter and I am going to find it really difficult to look at my bunny’s injustices and injuries, yes, feel I  have to go as far as calling them such. Important to name it…not pretend it is not an injury when it is so obviously is. I hear the bunny’s ears where actually bitten off. Please…can this be the last of all this for a while…I do not know if I can take much more.

ohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! breath in, breath out…pink light pink light….

SONG OF THE DAY Trick of The Tail….Genesis continued for a little while to have some form of sub-genre that we could classify as english jazz rock folk once Gabriel left..and as we are talking of tails today, I can still continue to hold my head high just for keeping a little continuity of theme going, even if the rest of the chocolate world is crashing  down all around me.

Oh no! It cannot be true! Someone has stolen my Bunny’s left foot… behind my back….I have my suspicions, who it might be. Perhaps, they thought,  I might not notice a missing left foot…well I did, and I am not a happy bunny either! If you are having trouble with your sugar levels, please do not take it out on the bunny! I exclaim! What did the bunny ever do to you? I mean, it does not bring a lot to the table- its smooth exterior is very photogenic, and it has a very sweet disposition, but that is no excuse. I must put my foot down, well both feet down as I still have them, and exclaim once more THE BUNNY IS MINE! HANDS OFF MY BUNNY! She exclaimed again!  I know that the most important lessons we have to learn in life is to ‘let go’. May I say, right here, right now, I AM NOT READY! more exclaiming! So hands off the bunny (please do not steal its cute little hands) or there will be big  big trouble!


Mel Torme -April Showers…Now this man knew how to put a song over…if you have only ever heard the name …have a little watch at his delivery…sparkling! Sorry to be pessimistic about the weather…also congrats to all my postaday 2011 bloggers …its 100 days today.

someone stole my ears

I’m gonna have to come clean here. There is no easy way to say this. Customarily, I would never be drawn to such reprehensible behaviour. I do not know what came over me. I am usually such a good person…I never squeeze or shake my Christmas presents, when they are under the tree. At no time do I tear the wrapping  paper, and I always wait till the last moment to open them.  Annually, the Easter Bunny  gets to sit on a shelf in my room right up to Easter day. So what came over me that I should cause my poor Easter bunny to spend the next two weeks sitting in its cellophane with no ears? Have to say, I thought it was quite good of me to stop at the ears, as he can still feel, touch taste and see…so all is not lost. P.S. I only had an Easter bunny this year and last because some lovely people got me a present at the end of term. Its not a big  wierd sort of thing I do every year. The spattering of extraordinarily long words   in today’s blog is just because I was using the same words over and over again, so had a thesaurus with my porridge this morning.

SONG OF THE DAY – Donald Fagen- Walk Between the Raindrops- from The Nightfly … From possibly the best album in the universe

well the party is nearly over…back to work..lots to do

exciting things …but have just started to wind down. You know that one, and then it is ready to start again and I have been procrastinating.

so many squares so little time

but the granny squares are going well,

although it becomes a little obsessive and you can’t stop,

and you think, ‘I’ll just do one more’

and then you realize how many you are actually going to have to do to make a blanket ,

and you think ‘well I could turn it into a bag maybe’.

the weather is divine ..London Blossom is busting out all over

London blossom today...You cannot beat urban blossom for giving us a lift.. and the heath is lovely at the moment, and so many opportunites to eat cake have arisen

please be like this when I get to wake up on top of a hill surrounded by sheep for my birthday ( cough cough) next Friday.