I know you are supposed to do the photo challenge of the week once but I have decided to do it 3 times that’s the kind of gal I am. No respect for conventions.
Also I have taken about 1000 photos this week so I have a lot to share. This bench really took my fancy, and I put a small picture of a pair few days ago. I love the ornate & timelessness of it, and also the sad fact that it is chained to its post, as well as bolted, so obviously something worth stealing. The idea of being solitary and always looking out to sea – if the seat was alive it would feel so lucky to have such a wonderful ever changing view of nature, but perhaps there would be a mountain of pain inside due to the imprisonment of being locked and left in one place. No chance of going on a boat ride or to the amusement arcades. So the seat is a full time watcher, supporter, not a doer or instigator. There.

SONG OF THE DAY –Well it would have to be a song about chains as I have already done Otis Reading ‘sitting on the dock of the bay’ as one of my songs of the day, and Robots in Disguise’Chains’ has already been done…..mmmmmmm ok got it!

Eurythmics-(love you like a ) Ball and Chain

I have a complete love hate thing going with Annie Lennox as we were travelling along the same musical path roughly the same time ( she is a few years ahead of me)  except she got there first so everyone used to say I reminded them vocally of her. At one time after I had worked with a particularly sickening heavy metal band and decided to give up rock n’ roll I got a job washing up ( I suppose 20 was a bit young to retire) in a Cafe in Camden Town called Georges Cafe where loads of pop musicians came in, like Dave and Annie, Bananarama, Madness, Funboy Three for Georges mum’s pies. Once Dave Stewart came into the kitchen and played George a demo of a new track he and Annie were working on and let me listen to it too. I was so shy …that could have been a great moment for piping up ‘I sing ….can I come and sing with you!’ but I kept quiet, listened to the track for a few seconds and handed back the headphones.

Annie only lives up the road and I always thought we could have a lot to chat about as we spent so many years living so close together and doing musical stuff that was often similar. Also I suppose one of the things you sacrifice being a huge name is that you must find it difficult to make real new friends who are not also in the same world as you. bla bla


Sometimes it’s all mad mad mad, go go go. Time for  a little sit down, methinks. Find that bench, the one with the view  and just take some time out to breathe before you do the next thing you have to do. Just have a bit of time to watch that mind of yours doing cartwheels, for who and  for why?


Take a bit of time to watch the world going by. Just be a watcher, not a dooer. Just breathe and be in the moment, a sitter on a bench. Ahhhh! There…that’s a bit better eh? No point in rushing into something you might regret later. Sometimes a little time sitting on the bench, just being, rather than doing  can do the trick.  Might make you realise that there is a lot that is good in the world and that things could be so much worse, and all that whirring in your head is just a bit of static. Oh do you like my new background, it is a photo of an oil drum I bumped into.

SONG OF THE DAY Otis Reading -Sitting on the Dock of The Bay