I think we had just got the digital camera when I took this picture of Mr P. looking adoringly at these sculptured boys, we got thrown one West End shop…I think it was Gap as we were told off for taking pictures with the models.

SONG OF THE DAY – I’ve Just Seen A Face -The Beatles

First a version sung so beautifully by Earthly Voices…who I am missing this term. I’ve Just Seen A Face. We were supposed to sing the intro at the end, but I completely forgot..think it was our first big concert, and it was the first number…woops

Step away from the blog…nothing to see here, move along with your business. Today I am definitely on the edge, having sat through a particularly edgy  Housing  Co-operative Annual General Meeting last night,  so I would suggest you pass by quickly as I am really not myself today. So let us change the subject and try to think about something completely different. Wow! A  Eureka moment! For some time I have been plotting, and planning  the least painless way to count all the words  I have written since I started my postaday 2011. It would of course have to be a free day, or possibly week when there was nothing on the box, the knitting was done and I had despaired of ever writing another song, and my desk was tidy…ha ha!

I don’t know why I am sharing this. It is  only that I have spent considerable brain calories wondering how I was going to count every word without copying and pasting it all…… and there it was – staring me in the face…. everyday. A word count at the bottom of every post!   Brilliant! Now all we need is a cumulative one ….please.

SONG OF THE DAY The Beatles-Paperback Writer -cos you never know…we all have a book in us…

Strewth!!! Watched Inception last night and the sound track only stopped about twice…once for five seconds and once for a 2 miniute gun fight…( oh and I did have a little snooze for about 10 minutes near the end) it is sooooo annoying to having music continuously under dialogue. Another reason not to watch Hollywood blockbusters. Such a waste of the budget, as I find it really really irritating and unecessary and distracting. In my opinion a really rubbish film…garh…I wanted to watch the Social Network…but Mr P. won, because he had had a horrible day and needed cheering up -the film did not .

the railway and my cappuccino

Very short blog today from an amazing cafe in Waterloo…Lower Marsh called Scooter…missed it the first time I went down the road. Here is a picture of me on their veranda at 16.59pm drinking capoccinos…wow!

the tiny patio of SCOOTER

I wish I had sound-o- vision as the noises of the trains from Waterloo Station and the traffic is very evocative. My laptop is about to lose power so I may not get to song of the day until much later on today. Have been on a course today to learn how to be interviewed for radio and tv…will tell you more tomorrow. Phew a blog is done….byeeeee!


The Beatles It’s getting better all the time (it couldn’t get no worse) I used to think the Beatles were uncool when I was a kid but some great great songs…this one sums up the feeling of today….