UCL Staff Choir -Tuesdays 1pm -2pm 

THE TUBTHUMPING CHORUS ( mostly gorgeous acapella folk, mostly arranged and written by gitika) has a few places for tenors (of any gender) and basses (ditto)  for the new term starting Tuesday October 1st 2019  We meet in in a school a hop skip and a jump from Kentish Town Tube ( thameslink) 18.30-20.00pm . Contact me if you are interested in joining..we are near to full but there is space .

THE OLD BISHOPS  (mostly classy acapella in 4 and 5 part pop) is meeting on a Monday from 6-8pm in a school near Aldgate . We are looking for new members in the new term that starts on the Monday September 30th 2019. Please contact me through the contact page if you would like to join the choir as there are still a few spaces. If you have a friend in the choir or you are a staff member or parent from the school  you can come and join them for the first session for free to see if its your cup of tea.

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