I have a long singing day today, which is going to be a bit hard, as I have the voice of a dog who has spent a week in a horrible holiday kennel. The whole day will be cushioned by the fact that the lovely JM is cooking us a roast chicken dinner tonight, and she is the best roast chicken dinner maker I know!

I think if I was to have  a last meal before I leave this mortal coil, the roast chicken dinner with GRAVY and MASHED POTATOES and all the trimmings would be up there in my one hand choice. Another choice would be really really good sausages with mash and onion gravy.

So about 7pm tonight you can think of me in my roast chicken heaven -though there is a fine chance I may fall asleep in my dinner, as I find working and socialising on the same day quite tricky.

SONG OF THE DAYForget me Not

This song was brought to us by a group of African singers called the Diamond Choir, who I think worked in  South African Diamond mines, please correct me if I have got this wrong, I think a bit like the old  pit men colliery bands and choirs, they visited this country several times to  sing and raise awareness of the struggle with HIV. I believe they don’t visit anymore in case they try and stay…This is a video of the Bishopsgate Singers and the Trinity Laban World Choir ( catchy name, someone said to me yesterday!) opening our end of term sharing at the beginning of the week… so loverly.

This is post 201 of my postaday2011 , which means there are still 164 days of the year to go…as my blogger mate Dark Vador so aptly put it ‘flippin’ek’ that still a lot of posts to go…will we make it? How many people have dropped by the hyperspace wayside screaming for mercy,”no more posts… no more!”. Or perhaps they just forgot, ran out of steam, lost interest…got something much more exciting to do.

The thing is I still find this an exciting thing to do. I love the challenge, the routine, and I am so not into routine, and the fact that this time is just about me me me me. I have a fantastic job, but it is a ‘people’ job,  so it is a good balance for me to spend some time gazing at my own naval, being a complete anorak, being in my own space.

So what’s with all the numbers?..well it is 42 years TO THE DAY when Neil Armstrong walked the walk and talked the talk on the surface of the moon….

I have completed 201 one 2011 postadays and there are 164 left..I have already forgotten what the 20 is there for…oh well..it will come back to me.

Today is more planning for a 7 day extravaganza of teaching/directing/ singing at the Guildhall Pop and Rock Summer School, need to get it all done today so must stop slacking!

SONG OF THE DAY 1 Giant Leap-My Culture

Walking on the Moon would have been way to easy as a link. But 1 Giant Leap is what Neil said when he stood on the moon, so I think this link is much more subtle. This is an amazing track and a wonderfull video well worth watching all the way through.

So we were in a band called “Dear John” and had ‘paid to play’ in all the places you ‘paid to play’ in the late 1908’s. We had played for 15 mins. to 3000 people on a saturday night at the Hippodrome, appearing via my first and last stage that rose from the basement…there is a special name for that but I can’t remember it. We played all the venues you were able to get a gig at, and a few you really should not have bothered to play at all. We played at the Mean Fiddler where you had to pay 50 quid to play and you only got it back if hundreds of your friends came with flyers with your bands name on -usually about 3 friends would turn up! We had a demo that was recorded in the middle of the night in a recording studio as it was cheaper then, was it called dead time?( perhaps it should have been called deaf time because by that time of night   the sound engineer usually  deaf, stoned or asleep. As the vocalist I  always got to put my tracks on at the end after the drummer, the bass player any guitarists and keyboard players,  usually in the last hour of the time we had, at about 5 in the morning, once every one else had had a millions times to get their tracks right. ‘How does that sound?’ ‘oh fine’ the band would say , usually cos they were either too drunk, imbibed or tired to notice or care about  the vocals. ha ha ha….

This track, I can’t even remember where we recorded it, but it sounds like I may have got a little bit more time to record my vocal than with some of the other band/demos I did. Oh it might have been in Dagenham.(!) Mickey wrote the song, the rest of the band – well there was Steve(bass) and Grady ( which does not disguise the fact his name was Graham, drums), and the tallest keyboard player in the world  also called Graham ( blimey two Grahams in one band…very slack). Lost touch with them all when the band split (as they usually always do), though I know Graham, keyboard, is in Scarborough. Izzy styled us and Anthony took me round Chinatown with a clockwork old super 8, and Bruno Perosa edited it. It was pre  any home editing suite and I remember us spending hours going through all the shots with a tooth comb, deciding what order they would be in.

We made the video with about three pennies to rub together -so thanks to all those people. We used shopping trollies instead of trackers and demolished Mickey’s flat. We bought a load of old china to throw around and then because of all the incense and bright film lights (borrowed)  in his dark Victorian basement flat, I think some poltergeist decided to finally leave and a huge shelf full of all Mickey’s china came crashing down in the middle of the filming. I had funny false eye lashes and wierd eyebrows but hey…it was the eighties. I should probably think myself lucky to get away with not looking more of a prat…though, what can only be described as a pineapple hairdo almost swung it. I like my high twiddly vocal bits in this. Anyway…I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane with me.

SONG OF THE DAY– RAINING IN CHINA -written by Mickey B. Goode. performed by Dear John.

I finally had a day at home with Mr P…. Apart from waking up at 5am and then falling asleep at 9am, the day was lovely. We wandered over to the nicest, least pretentious and most reasonably priced lunch venue in our neighbourhood. It was called Park Life and now is called the Community Diner. Part of a community centre and next to the park where Dick Whittington lost his cat all those centuries ago. Actually it may be where he found his cat. Perhaps it was where he just had a bit of a rest with his cat.

They have got rid of the fabbo birdie wallpaper, and given the place an acid yellow type of look. Mr P. had his lunch there every day this week as he was fixing up someone’s front garden nearby, so it was a bit of a busman’s holiday us going there on his day off. 

Nice home cooked food and relaxed atmosphere. Had a little walk round the new wild garden, a stone’s throw from the madness what is The Holloway Road. We sat and watched the pigeons, footballers and the police helicopter circling overhead.

….. hand in hand with the old man….It don’t get better than that really.

So my Video Clip for the Day is a pigeon walking, at normal speed through Whittington Park..truely

SONG OF THE DAY  Itchycoo Park -The Small Faces

The singer was  Steve Marriott. I wonder why they were called the Small Faces.