a year on and there are still 6 geese a laying

Gitika Partington

My Dad used to live next to a bit of common land where a gorgeous flock of white geese used to hang out. The day before half of them were slaughtered for christmas tables, they all went really really spookily quiet. They stopped cackling all day and just stood stock still…they knew their fate before it happened. Poor old geese.

This post is dedicated to all the teachers who have just finished term. Have a lovely break…And for all those people who wish they had the same holidays as teachers…..think again! It is no holiday as most teachers by now are completely burned out and will need a week sitting in a dark room under a duvet to get some strength back from all the giving out they have done. Sadly the chances of doing that are far removed at christmas…so my heart goes out, with my six geese to…

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