“Theatre of War” – BBC 1 TONIGHT

So I have this job for the next three weeks, helping out in rehearsal for this amazing show (vocal coach is my name) of which there is a documentary about how it all came together on BBC 1 tonight!!!

click here for details ‘From rehearsal room to triumphant performance, imagine… follows the extraordinary theatrical production of The Two Worlds of Charlie F. Professional front line soldiers, all of whom have sustained injury ranging from amputation to post traumatic stress, join forces with a professional theatre company to help write, rehearse and perform a play based on their experiences of war in the killing fields of Afghanistan. What happened when they swapped the theatre of war for the London stage?’

It is definitely worth a look and the show is worth seeing too. Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh Festival, THeatre Royal Haymarket…..


  1. Gitika i don’t think I ever toldyou that I found about about the two lives of Charlie F through your post and went to see it in Cardiff – fantastic – thankyou and thanks to everyone invvolved.

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