I need some file cards for a project and yes  – you guessed it, I have thrown them away ( into the recycling of course) during my last decluttering session. They had been taking up space in my office for the last 10 years, in one of those funny little dusty file card boxes which seem a bit old fashioned now. I kept them as I thought they would be useful…one of those ‘just in case’ objects that fill up the space around me. I really felt I had kept onto them for long enough. Now I am going to have to go out and buy some more….I have a theory that there is a little blip in the old clutter clearing theory that we have not yet sorted out. I think it is a ‘cosmic universal thing’ that somehow if you let go of some things they just come back to bite you on  the bottom. Sadly I have not the time to do the research into this, but I would like to know if I am the only one who has come across this puzzling little phenomemon.

It always happens to me if I accidentally lose or put on weight. I loose a stone…keep all the big clothes just in case, then as soon I send them to the chazza shop, I put the weight back on. Same happens if I put on weight and keep the smaller clothes, you can bet your bottom dollar the moment I send them off to a better place, I lose the weight. Ring any bells?

I have another niggling thought in my mind that the file cards did not go in the recycling, I put them in a ‘safe place’, and will only find them if I buy some new ones.

It is still raining and I have the heating on, in the middle of May. Happy Days. x x

SONG OF THE DAY    KT Tunstall-Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

I was reminded of this as my mate AO has done a blindin acapella version of this song. This video live version is a great piece of live looping and cracking  singing.