“I Love You”…”Bake me a Cake then!”

There are some who will quote that ‘love is what love does’. It is possibly one way of looking at it I suppose. Today is my birthday ( shh don’t tell anyone) and the first session of choir for the summer term, so I thought I would bake a cake. A gluten, dairy free cake. A lemon, almond polenta cake made with olive oil. The problem is, I reallly am not a cake maker and when the cake was finished it looked decidedly rough! Dippy in the middle and a different colour. I was a bit worried as I replaced several of the ingredients.

I did not have almond milk, so I chucked in coconut milk, and I did not have almond essence, so I used vanilla, and I used dark brown sugar, and something spooky happened, when I liquidised the lemon, all this wierd  scientist experiemental vapour came wafting out of the blender.

Well the cake is out now, I left it in for 20 minutes longer than allotted and we tried the middle slice and darn me, if it is not the moistest most delicious cake I have ever tasted


  1. Oh yes yes yes yes yes please! My girlfriend has found out just yesterday that she is a coeliac and she already was dairy intolerant, I would love to bake a cake to say ‘I love you and it’s not the end of the world’! It sounds so yum, the recipe would be wonderful!! Thanks xx

    1. this is where I got the recipe from though I actually replaced the almond milk with coconut milk as that was all I had , and used vanilla essence instead of almond essence,also i dont have a fancy food procecssor so liquidized the nuts and lemons ( be warned lemons give off a wierd smoke from the lemon oil when you blend them,) and I cooked the whole thing a bit longer as I have a fan assisted and had the temp down to compensate…then it needed an extra 20 mins…it was completely delicious and my choir polished all of it off…oh i used dark mouscovado sugare too, so the cake was very dark…good luck ..let me know how you get on.

  2. made it eventually this weekend and it’s super yummy, used the regular ingredients, so i’ll have to try you version! Thanks again ! 🙂

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