Mr P. here again. In Gitika’s absence, I spent Sunday practicing singy stuff, acapulco styley for the Bishopsgate Singers  later on today.

Turns out being in charge of this choral stuff is quite fiddly, and not enjoyable at all. Gitika seems to be having such a good time! Anyway after several hours of soprano this, and tenor that, I finally had a major breakthrough…. Unison !

Yes unison! It means we all sing on the same note at the same time, and then just have a jolly good sing song.

User friendly methinks, although I am bit nervous about teaching this revolutionary style, especially as Gitika is a tough act to follow.

I have done away with some of the more worthy songs, and introduced some proper stuff. We will start with ‘Sweet Jane’ a old american world music traditional by the Velvets followed by that old English song ‘Holidays in the Sun’ by the Pistols.

Gitika is quiet now, the impending Doctors visit will soon change that.

SONG OF THE DAY 23 -Blonde Redhead Thank god I am choosing the music.