Hello, Mr P. signing in for Gitika tonight. Well since the accident yesterday, I have been trying hard to keep my spirits up and remind myself that it is  ‘business as usual”. I am not ready to go into details about what happened at the zoo -but as they say, the camera never lies. Perhaps after the weekend I shall be able to tell you more about it. Also I am going to be quite busy, what with the choir practices next week which I shall have probably have to to take over, so I am about to take a crash course in conducting ( it’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days). I wish I had concentrated more when I was in the audience and Gitika was flapping her arms about.

It has been snowing in London this evening, and it is now at least 4″ deep.  I ducked out and took a few snaps in the snow. It is amazing – when you use a flash and it is snowing as the flash catches the snowflakes and makes them look huge! Just as well about the snow really, as this week I shall be much too busy running Gitika’s choirs   to be building gardens. I suppose I better take a crash course in singing too. And as for this posting everyday…well I almost did not make it today and I am only on day 2.

It is probably good to see the up side of this whole situation, which includes the fact I can eat as much ice cream as I want, and I get to choose the song of the day, so watch out, as the music is about to get a whole lots classier.


Radio Dept -Heaven’s on Fire ( live)