The trouble with resolutions and bucket lists and all that stuff is that you are fast forwarding into the future…I found a lovely post from a blog  called zen habits with some reminders to help you stay in the now, rather than dwelling on the past or worrying/vagueing out about the future. I have heard it a zillion times before, but it is something we all need  to be constantly reminded of.  Part of being in the present involves planning for something that has not happened yet. This is of course a valid and good  thing to do. It is  always good to picture the crop as you sow the seeds  but then you have to water and nurture it for a while before it flowers. Also being in the present means perhaps that sowing the seeds happens today, not thinking about sowing the seeds and then missing it.

It is good to have goals, but most of a goal needs to have some connection with what you are doing today. Ultimately it  is the practice today, the small steps of today  that changes the  quality of tomorrow. You need to write everyday or sing everyday, or knit, or dance or forgive everyday, embrace life everyday, count your lucky stars everyday to change the  quality of your future.  If you spend too much time projecting into the future, or dwelling on the past, life is missed.

I still cannot believe I have posted every day in 2011, but it is about taking each day as it comes with its disciplines and commitments to the small steps. I will have reached my goal tomorrow. It is all a bit strange coming to the end of the post-a-day 2011 challenge as I  don’t feel that it is time for me to stop yet. Just because the date has arrived, I do not see the line in the sand, so I will carry on until it feels right to stop. I was going to have a big ceremony tomorrow, and still might, if I have the time in between the projects I have on the burner between now and then. Happy New Year

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” – Albert Einstein


Had a bit of a musical crush on the curly haired one called Roland….think I still do. This was a real epic song at the time it was released……tip of a hat to ELO and Beatles …but a great track for today…the new year is about sowing the seeds of love. Turn it up and sing along…”time to eat all your words, swallow your pride, open your eyes”