Quite a  funny turn of phrase on the  big day..‘hurry up, or we’ll be here ’til christmas…ho ho ho… it is christmas!’, but suddenly on boxing day the phrase loses it’s flavour on the goal post overnight, because that really is a long wait. I myself am delighted to know how long a wait it will be until christmas is with us again.

Mr P. now has my nasty chestikoff and cold, and the in-law christmas socials are not over yet – we are supposed to be going go-carting today, neither of us drive a car, Mr P. is feeling really lousy, so I am no sure how this will go down.

I made a wicked trifle yesterday for the traditional  in-law boxing day buffet. Very few of the in-laws ate it…ah well, more for Mr P.. Moving on to opening presents, which is a logical next step?…On the big day I was lucky enough  to get half a

jigsaw puzzle of London to unwrap – thanks brother and sister-in-law.. no really…… thanks x x…. It was all a bit touch and go as we sat round the tree in the morning  of the big day, with all the in-laws -presents were flying around everywhere apart from for us…and it would have been so embarassing for everyone if there had been  absolutely nothing for us to open…or perhaps no-one would have noticed, so once again I have to thank them for the jigsaw…..Bit worried about the fact they think that we have got to the age where we sit in and do jigsaws…I would rather have my teeth pulled than  sit still and complete a jigsaw, and that is really  saying something – shoowaddywaddy. Fortunately all the brother in laws and dad got stuck in and did the border, so the worst job is done, and Mr P. is quite fond of a jigsaw, and I am quite fond of pictures of London……Mum saved the day by sending me a pair of hand knitted socks, so all was not lost on the opening present front, though hers came in  cool christmas canvas. It is always  nice to have something to unwrap on the day even if you spell christmas with a small c. Thanks mum.

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