Brilliant! I have a proper cracking christmas cold. Straight after me spending a fantastic day singing in the Milton Keynes Stadium on Saturday and hugging almost all of the singers, we bundled off to the country for me to sing and be creative with PC and for Mr P. to tramp round the hills taking pictures of wildlife only for me to be  struck full of sinus and chesty cold. Perfect! Just in time for the holidays, so we  got back on the

train and came home yesterday, as I would much rather be ill at home…sniff sniff….hoping to be better in time for the weekend…but  it could go either way, as if it goes to my bronchials I shall be hacking for days. Right now I am in achey, husky and sneezy  mode….feeling like rubbish.

Anyway, back to the 12 days of christmas. Another fine contribution that is the ‘art head’ of Mr P.

A wonderful rendition of leaping lords, some even seem to have what looks like frogs legs. Very handy if you are up for a quick leap. You know what we are in store for tomorrow if I can get the time to do the colouring in, because there are a heck of a lot of pipers piping, so bring your earplugs! 

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  1. Seycen says:

    I’ve taken a close look at these ten ‘lords’ a leaping, and I suspect there is an imposter amongst them. One of the lords looks a lot like a lady (the one with the webbed feet). I’m not sure ‘nine lords and one lady leaping’ really works…

    Get well soon. Beechams powders (the cheap powder in the small box, not any of their other concoctions) always does it for me. Oh, and whisky of course!

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