I love this statue…..I joined John for a quick perusal of the sights at St Pancras. It is such a great sighting, watching the Euro star come and go, he must be a happy man.  It is a happy place for me. So many people have their picture taken with him on that spot. Designed by British sculptor Martin Jennings, who must be very proud, the statue  commemorates the poet’s successful campaign to save the station from demolition in the 1960s. Thank the Lord it did not get knocked down. RA was telling me that VT station in Bombay is almost the same design. I think it does have leanings. It started to be built in 1878, (designed by F.W Stevens) in the year Gilbert Scott the man who designed St Pancras died. Some of Scott’s other important works were the Albert Memorial, Brighton College, Glasgow University, Episcopal Cathedral Edinburgh, The Maryrs Memorial in Oxford and Home and Colonial Offices.

SONG OF THE DAY -Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down -Eric Bibb

Just heard this singer last night…nice