Well he should, but probably won’t. His   “Potential Royal Rotundness” as he might be called soon, has single handedly made 2 large Delia Christmas cakes, which I suspect he is going to eat all on his own in a darkened room, turning down invitations to parties etc. so he can stay at home and eat cake. And why ever not!  He is ‘having his cake and eating it’, which I have to  applaud, as I think that saying  that says you can’t, is just plain unimaginative , because if you have two cakes, you can have  cake and eat it …for a while at least.

Last night Mr P. finally iced and marzipanned ( it is a verb! yeh!) the first of his two christmas cakes – the gluten free one, which he pretends he made for me. He has been feeding it with brandy almost every day for about 6 weeks. I did have a little 2 inch square just to say I have tried it and it is RICH, moist and very alcoholic. I probably will not have any more as it really is not my kind of thing, but watch this space as I may be doing regular updates on where the Christmas cakes have gone. I thought Christmas cake was a bit like wedding cake, that you shared it around, wrapped it in little packets, and gave it to people took it places with you etc etc……mmmmmmm fat chance….


If I could go back in time, this is one of the places I would go and I would be on that soul train…I love love love it!