It’s one of those running days, it’s been a bit of a running week -running in, collecting myself, running out. Doing a lot of planning for the future, setting up of things. Calling people, emailing people.  Am about to run off to sing with my primary school choir, also  it is rehearsals for the KS2 carol service and a little trip to St Pancras later in the week, to sing in the lovely station and rattle a few charity buckets at people. I better get them to wrap up as the last time I sang in St Pancras they put the singers right next to the ice sculpture….I think the four years olds might just freeze over!

Planning some festive posts for the Chrismas period, but will need to sharpen up my imovie editing skills -that will keep me busy! Also today I have a rehearsal with MBG and our guitars for the Housing Co-op Christmas party, where we shall be entertaining (I hope ) with a few songs. Right-oh….back to the planning.

SONG OF THE DAY – Drive in Saturday -David Bowie

Well that stopped me running for 6 minutes. Wow! He is singing live and this version is completely fantabalicious! I love this song, and as today is neither Saturday, or car originated, it is a perfect choice…there is a lovely little interview with David Bowie and Russell Harty.