We had a lovely end of term sharing last night at the Bishopsgate Singers. Today was the day to load all the stuff onto youtube.

the old one

I used to use a particular firewire lead and then my computer changes and I trudged off to Maplins and bought another. I have tidied up since then….. quelle disasteur! No firewire lead that fits  anywhere in the multitude of neatly filed  jiffy bags of firewire this to  firewire that …….In the end I just surrender to the universe and go back to Maplins to buy another. When I get home, I plug it in and it tells me

the new one...spot the difference

‘there is no video connected’

‘oh yes there is!”

‘oh no there isn’t’

do you not just lurrrve panto time.

I surrender.

And as if by magic, as soon as I surrendered…for the second time today, the old lead turns up, which works  just fine……that means another trip to Maplins to take back the new one which is obviously a dud.. Happy Days.

Talking about technology….

SONG OF THE DAY  -Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles