I dropped Mr P. off there this morning for his birthday surprise which is a spoon carving workshop with Barn the Spoon in the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park! An old cemetery – 35 acres…breath taking…if you dig old cemeterys, which I do!

I  tramped round it for about an hour, and in that time saw a mere handful of people walking their dogs. I took loads of photos. Well worth a visit. Another of those little havens in London. I shall have to see how the spoon carving workshop went down with Mr P.  I did manage to  keep it a surprise for the last 2 weeks, right  until we got there.  The people already there even greeted him with ‘Hi and welcome to the dance workshop!” Surprises can be a bit of a risk. Mr P. told me this week his worst idea of a surprise would have been a pampering day or a paint balling session….phew…lucky escape there then. I shall let you know how he got on tomorrow.

SONG OF THE DAY – Wooden it be Nice -The Beech Boys

As it is all about wood today, this was the first song that came into my head (sorry).