I cannot believe that at 6pm on a Tuesday night, middle of blinking rush hour….. I was the only person on the platform, and the only person in the lift at Tufnell Park  Tube. If you do not know where Tufnell Park Underground is, it’s here, very near the centre of the Metropolis.

Where was everyone? I got off a crowded tube, but by the time I had sauntered  off the last carriage, along the platform, took a photo of the empty platform, everyone had rushed up to the surface.

I had the lift to myself too. Rare in a city of  8 million do you get a whole underground station to yourself…it is a strangely good feeling, as sometimes I find sharing MY local underground station with thousands and thousands of other locals ….well, the whole, having to share a  crowded carriage at rush hour, when you might as well be trying to get into a wardrobe jam packed with people…. I am sure most Londoners would agree, that the sharing the space is often very very aggravating.  Ups and downs eh? Oh and here is a selection of the posters dotted around the walls of my local station this week.

SONG OF THE DAY – Bowie and Queen – Under Pressure

The beginning of the video is the key to my choice today.