A heartily good choral day. Yesterday I ran 3 singing sessions. 90 primary schoolers learning carols, the school choir 4-8 year olds and the first session of the Milton Keynes Half-Time Choir which was a triumph! There is a little boy in the  school choir who is about 5, and always asks me if I can open his snack wrapper before  we start choir, yesterday he looked at me twice and told me how nice I was looking. That sort of tickled me, that a little boy would notice that I was looking nice, and that I was actually looking any different than usual. The  school choir is doing good ( better than my grammar). There are some great little singers, one who sings so loud, particularly the words at the end of each line. There are three  4 year old children who are the most well behave children I have ever met, and sit through a whole hour of rehearsal without a twitch or a wiggle or any type of signs of distraction at all. There is another child  who in full glorious voice always finishes each line about 5 words before anyone else. I did make a whimsical joke about them winning the prize for finishing the song first and the child came up at the end of the practice to pick up their prize…ooops!

I was a bit nervous about the  Milton Keynes Half-Time Choir, but it was a brilliant session!  There is still time to join the project as there is another rehearsal 1, next Thursday. About 55 singers from MK and the area turned up and we learned most of the piece we are going to sing in glorious acapella 4 part harmony, at  half-time on the 17th Dec at the MK stadium. We are learning the piece by ear and there are practice tracks on the Stables website to listen to in between.

Anyway, it is dear Mr P’s birthday today, so might be having a little trot round somewhere nice in our fair city, or we might just stay at home and put the heating on. Happy Birthday Mr. P. x x x x x x x x x x x

SONG OF THE DAY- Light My Fire -The Doors

On my train journey home from Milton Keynes I got into the tube at Euston and there was a cool, alternative,  hip looking young lady sitting about 5 seats away from me, reading her  large hard back book, donning her wide leg wool trousers, converse trainers,   constantly tousling the bleached blonde blonde short mop over her eyes, and listening to her ‘personal ‘ stereo which as we know is not…check out my blog on apple speaker-headphones. Suddenly I recognized the track. I stood up and wooped. ” I win the prize! I name that track! The Doors, Light my Fire”. Alternative hip girl did not notice, as her headphones were so loud, but the other 3 blokes in the carriage, fortunately found the outbursts of a middle aged woman,  funny, and one said how reassuring it was to be able to hear other people’s music choices rather than just the ts ts ts ts of the hi hat or just the blinking bass, and what a good organ sound it was on the track. Ha ha. Yes very nice organ. Talking of hip, I wonder if Mr. Mojo Risin’ (anagram of Jim Morrison – I never knew that …) was still alive today, and had lost all his hair and put on 30lbs  whether hip altenative young things would still be listening to him….I do hope so.