I had a busy day on Saturday, so Sunday was a day to hang with Mr P. It was a beautiful day in London. The sky was blue, and the temperature was mild.  We had a little walk though our local parks and ended up in Holloway, and the Seven Sisters Road, where Mr P. finally weakened  – his barber of choice was open so we waited for the inevitable. We timed it just right, as by the time Mr. P’s haircut was finished the small shop was so full of men wanting a Sunday haircut, that I had to leave and browse round the local Clarks factory shoe shop until Mr P. was finished…no…there was nothing there for me.

 That meant Mr P. had to have coffee and cake while I had a virtuous cup of green tea with lemon – well I have to say he did not have to have cake…I did encourage him a bit, but not a lot, as the best cake shop in Holloway is still a good place to hang out and read the free tabloids.  I am now into my 7th month without any known sugar in my diet,  but I have a thing about watching other people eat chocolates and cake. A wierd thing, like I wish they would not, but I will watch anyway even though it is a bit uncomfortable. I have very little choice most of the time.  Over the months I have lost my sweet tooth and all that’s left is that old thing that links having a cake with a ‘special treat’ or a ‘special occasion’, a sort of emotional thing. I watch Neighbours, a ghastly Australian Soap,  I know. The secret is out…again….. I can now usually work out exactly what crisis is going to happen to whom at almost every turn –  it is my only vice ( I wish..)  and notice that absolutely everyone is treated by having a cake, a chocolate milk shake or a large bowl of ice cream, as if it were some form of marvellous cure all. Why they are not all  diabetic and the size of houses is completely beyond me.  Yesterday’s episode, someone found out the love of their life had died and the neighbours baked biscuits for them…argh!

SONG OF THE DAY – Adagio For Strings –  Samuel Barber – Robert Shaw Festival Singers

An acapella version of this by this piece by Samuel Barber which was originally written for strings. What a fine  fine choir……. deeply moving.