Another sparkling question shared by the wordpress people to help us continue with our quest to be daily blogging. I suppose, the thing about the question  is, if you could go out and buy clothes for the month, would the answer would be different, than if you were only allowed to scour your own wardrobe?

I am going to answer the question as if I could not go shopping and was only allowed to wear what I had. I am not going for black as it is not really a ‘colour’, and it is a bit of a cop out too.

The answer would be…….as PK, who is sitting with Mr P. having tea after their strenuous morning of ivy clearing put, it when I asked him what was the colour I was clothed in from head to foot in ( shoes too!) this morning (ghasp! that was a really long sentence, and it’s not over yet)…’maroon, burgundy, wine…it’s all the same to me’. So there we have it! If I had to, and I only had my wardrobe to hunt through, I would wear  maroon, burgundy and wine.

I have wine shoes, trolleys ( trousers to you) and at least a  couple of tops…so all is well. I am a bit partial to a bit of maroon, it has to be said. If I was allowed to go out and buy something new everyday, I might chose orange or brown or green or yellow……..

I am a bit sad today as I found out my second, and last Uncle died this week, and I know my cousins will be hurting a lot. Sadly, my other  Uncle died a couple of months ago. Both of my Uncle’s lived in Wigan, they were not related, and walked along quite different roads through life.  Underneath, maybe, they might have been very similar…who knows. My prayers go out to all  my family, as always.

SONG OF THE DAY – Stacey Kent -Wonderful World

Me and Stace studied jazz together at the Guildhall …boy can this girl tell a story. I defy you to get through this without a little tear. This is the true artistry of song…you forget the artist and listen to the words and listen to the song. I remember someone saying to me, what you want is for people to come up to you when you have sung a song, and to tell you what a great song it is, not that you are a great singer. You become a great singer, not if you can sing loads of octaves in a sparkly clear tone , but if you can put a song across and give it meaning.