Old Street roundabout is one of a number of places in London that does not rock my boat.  I was working near there yesterday and took this photo. The station  never seems to get any more desirable as a place to be, and still feels really crummy, as it has always done. It  is  directly under this big ugly roundabout, which I suppose is why there are big ugly turrets for possibly air vents, instead of trees. I hate the wierd structure that  the billboard hangs from…ugly, ugly, ugly. Even though the area around has become very hip and trendy, with Shoreditch and Hoxton just up the road, the roundabout and tube station  labyrinth underneath, continue to be a bit of a hole and in my humble opinion, a depressing eyesore. Funny though, as I give the picture a second look, I notice there are some bushes in the roundabout I don’t remember seeing before, probably as your eye is drawn to the ugly structure, so everything else shrinks by comparison. Yuk.  Something a bit more attractive to balance up the day. A tree I took a photo of the day before  yesterday in Edgware.



I feel we cannot have one with out the other as the Archies were such a big part of my teenage life and the Bob Marley one is great. SO here they are….time for a bit of ‘compare and contrast’. What do you think?