I took this picture last weekend in sunny Essex, on one of the fair estuaries in the area. That’s me, the shadow, the one with the very small head, and what seems to be a large stash of cake tucked in my knapsack. I took the picture while balancing on one leg…still hope for me then. Excited as we  are about to have 4 visitors for 4 nights, in our one and a half bedroom flat…that’s 6 people  -two are small-ish, so my posts might be small and hurried, or long and cathartic. Hopefully the sneezing from all the dust  will subside soon. I am wracking my brains for  cheap  (or free) things  to entertain a lovely young lady who falls over if she wears flat shoes ( ha ha hope you are reading this KS) a football ally for Mr. P. and  2 children who are just so excited about visiting us we may just have to sit on them for the first day. Thank goodness we all like colouring in…watch out for the art work too! Off to the train station to meet them now.

SONG OF THE DAY- Moves Like Jagger -Maroon 5 ft Christine Aguilera

I have been watching the video for this song for a few weeks and been very distracted by the visuals. My Mate VR mentioned how catchy she thought it was, so I decided to listen with out having to be distracted by Maroon front man’s  full frontal tatts and small ears. It is a nice little pop song which should get you jumping round the kitchen table….nice little melodic hook ( the whistle) and Chicy guitar.

Bean bags..not Bin Bags

The sofa went to a good home and we ummed and ahhed, and decided we could not decide! Mr P. sat on a thousand  of small sofas ( I will never get that day back) , and then we decided  our life  was just fine without one.  Also since we had to buy a cooker and a washing machine, that’s already 2 too many big purchases  for one season, when you are in downsizing mode.

Yesterday we bundled over to camden market  on the tube and bought a cheap faux leather, bright red bean bag to not go with the brown one we have already. Now are finally are a ‘two something family’. Not car or home, but a bean bag..a two bean bag family. The only thing about the bean bags ( I always call them bin bags) is that if you are without good quads (anatomy lesson, the big muscle in your thighs) you are well and truly, as stuffed as the bean bag. Mr. P is not blessed with goodly develped quads, so once he is in a bean bag, he is there, as they say, for the duration. When I am out and cannot give him a hand getting up, he just sits in his bean bag until I return. No food, no going to find the remote, just sitting in the bean bag. Ah well.

Today is a day off and so far I have managed to burn the soup, eat the burned soup ( Mr. P. was not so brazen)  go to Argos to buy some bedding for visitors coming this weekend,  pop to the  local farmers market  ( I  am still pinching myself that there is a farmers market near my house…what happened?) to buy vegetables which I then burned, but refused to throw away and violently sneezed throughout as it is national dusting day  here, as me and dust just do not mix.

I thought I might sort out my office again, as there is still absolutely no system for finding anything. I yearn for a little pinch of  the asbegery thang, anything that might make me put things  back where I found them, be a bit obsessive about where things live, have something alphabetical in my life instead of in a ever growing pile of things in no particular order. My labelling is also problematic, as I have  tried labelling files and then got fed up so quickly, one file had this label  pictured on it.

Enough about me! The moral of today’s post is, watch the soup, don’t think that someone else is watching it when you leave the room to check your emails, and if you boil the broccoli, don’t put it in the soup anyway.

SONG OF THE DAY –MacArthur Park -Richard Harris

Love Jimmy Webb, who wrote this song and many other amazing songs from the 60-70’s. This was voted worst song ever by some bloke called Barry in Michigan, after a long          (yawn) survey.  In my mind the worst and best are often interchangeable.  Over fifty artists have recordred this song including Diana Ross, Liza Minelli, Donna Summer and the Grimethorpe Colliery Band…oh sod it…they definately get my vote..sorry Mr Harris my coal mining roots and a load of very shiny instruments just won. This is just cracking…turn it up loud and scare all the neighbours…I am in love.

Hunky Dory – David Bowie and K-tel – Dynamic Hits 1972

Hunky Dory – David Bowie

  1. Changes
  2. Oh You Pretty Things
  3. Eight Line Poem
  4. Life on Mars
  5. Kooks
  6. Quicksand
  1. Fill Your Heart
  2. Andy Warhol
  3. Song for Bob Dylan
  4. Queen Bitch
  5. The Bewlay Brothers

K-tel – Dynamic Hits 1972

  1. Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show – Sylvia’s Mother
  2. Dandy Livingstone – Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
  3. Daniel Boone – Annabelle
  4. The Sutherland Bros. Band – Sailing
  5. Looking Glass – Bandy (You A Fine Girl)
  6. Chickory Tip – Son Of My Father
  7. Bill Withers – Lean On Me
  8. Carpenters – Goodbye To Love
  9. Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends
  10. Johnny Cash & The Evangel Temple Choir – A Thing Called Love
  11. Hot Butter – Popcorn
  12. Johnny Nash – Stir It Up
  13. Sly And The Family Stone – Runnin’ Away
  14. Chickory Tip – What’s Your Name
  15. Billy Preston – Outa-Space
  16. Seashells – Maybe I Know
  17. Blood, Sweat & Tears – And When I Die
  18. Argent – Tragedy
  19. Kincade – Dreams Are Ten A Penny
  20. Olivia Newton John – If Not For You
  21. The Pioneers – Let Your Yeah
  22. T. Rex – Get It On

SONG OF THE DAY – Popcorn  – Hot Butter

Funny that some of the tracks on the K-tel record I do not remember and some are so heavily etched into my soul. I know all the words of the Carpenters, and possibly wore that piece of vinyl out of the record. The idea that people listened to a whole side of an album is pants, you could decide in a few seconds if you did not like a track and then you just ‘lifted the arm’ and moved it to one you did like……I  possibly would not know   The Seashells -Maybe I Know if it jumped up and bit me…I am going to check it. OH MY GOD…it’s sung by someone called Mary Partington!!!!!!!!( overuse of exclamation mark…zero points)  I never knew that, as we did not have the super highway in those days, ( obviously) and I do recognize the song. More delving, Mary Partington’s sister was Vicki Brown ( nee Haseman), wife of Joe Brown, mother of Sam Brown and Pete Brown, sadly died in 1991 at the young age of 50. Mary Partington must have been married to someone called Partington as I am assuming if she is Vicki Haseman’s sister…funnily Partington is quite a common name in the North West. One more mad fact ..the song ‘Maybe I know” was recorded and probably written by Lesley Gore in the States, who I posted about earlier this week who wrote the song from fame and ‘It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to ‘ joining up all the dots…and getting no work done….aaargh