Day 300. Yes day 300! That means I have been blogging everyday for 300 days and there are only 65 days left until the end of my challenge. I am not sure if I will be able to stop at the end of the year as this has strangely become a really important part of my life. I am looking forward to turning it into a book. Fellow bloggers have you tried it yet? Feedfabrik is this great site where you can have a look at what your blog would look like as a book, with all the photos, even the photos of your youtube links. tis marvellous. Mine is already over 700 pages long! Eek. I better start saving up as I want full colour and hard back!

Mr P. and His Brother

So yesterday the tour guide duties continued. Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park,  Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. Had a great time. But just for the record I shall be doing no more tour guiding for the rest of the year. If you are coming to visit me…I will feed you, do colouring in with you,  cook with you, sing songs with you, paint nails with you, paint walls with you, hang out with you, go shopping with you, walk in the park with you…but seeing the sites….. sweet people, you are on your own. I have done 8 days of tour guides this year, and that my loves is that. I loved every minute of it…but tour guiding in this big old city is very tiring, even for people I really love.

SONG OF THE DAY -Teddy Bear’s Picnic -Ann Stephens

KJ reminded me of this one yesterday and I had to have a listen. Magic! The lady on the lift in South London has the same accent as this when she asks you to ‘ mind the doors’. There’s posh innit!

YOU are kidding me? You are having a laugh? I am not kidding you or having a laugh. Weeping children all over South Kensington whose parents were were definitely not going to queue -and a heck of a lot more who were going to queue.

bundle at the science museum

We did not – and I have to say the nephew and niece were more grown up, we had already done all the interactive area of the Science museum, the V& A, I think a visit to Harrods helped ( no queue there). Today it is raining and we are going to see Buckingham Palace, I might have to post my favourite song again..I love  ‘a soldier’s life is terrible hard’

SONG OF THE DAY- They’re Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace

It’s one of those things about living in one of the most gorgeously wonderful metroplises in the world, that when friends and family  come to visit, it is quite hard to just stay in and watch movies  for four days. Yesterday we went down to the River Thames to see some wonderful London sights, the London Eye, the South Bank, the Tate Modern, the Globe, the Millenium Bridge, the amazing view from the river, and a ride on the top deck of a red London bus.

We made sandwiches, carrot sticks, took cheese and onion crisps and flasks of tea, coffee and tick tock tea. What a great idea! Inspired by family coming to visit us with small children, who take sandwiches with them where ever they go. It was so much better than hanging out with the cafe society and spending vast amounts of money. We all sat on a bench next to the river, out came one  of our paper cups on the ground. We ate sandwiches ( me without the bread)  crisps, drank hot drinks tainted with that funny metal flask flavour and sang badly and laughed a lot ( no…no-one put any money in our cup). Best fun bit of the day. Off to the museums today…not so bright at half-term as they will be mobbed….but will they listen? I am taking a brown paper bag to breathe into and a good book as once kids get into that interactive area of the Science Museum, time stands still. I feel my life slipping away from me….

SONG OF THE DAY– I Will Survive – Cake

I am posting this for VR and musician blogger frizz who is playing a particularly good rendition of this song on banjo here. I have done an arrangement where the men  sing the tune, reclaiming this song for the men!

So there it was a lovely new plectrum given to me free from Hobgoblin off Oxford Street, in big London, no chance it would get ruined as I don’t use a plectrum, until that is, I had my first guitar lesson. Recommended to learn to play with a plectrum so I used my special wedding memorial plectrum and in no time what so ever, the future King anf Queen were no more. The smiles wiped off their faces, as well as their noses, eyes teeth , hair….Nothing left but a hint of Union Jack and a bit of residue ink. Seems an awful shame really. But then they were beheaded for the sake of my development as a guitarist, so it is not all in vain.  I can never ever remember which practice is which practise, and when I am practising the guitar is it with a ‘c’. Definately whittering today. Must go and do something that is more useful for everyone.

SONG OF THE DAY -Wishbone Ash -Blowin Free

I didn’t hear until about 1976. In the old days this was one of the 10 songs you would get fined for playing in guitar shops, when you tried out a guitar…I remember Stairway to Heaven was also on the list, but cannot remember the others. I am dredging the bottom of the memory bin with this one, but the guitar is classic…so they say. It is dedicated to all the men in my life who are over a certain age (clears throat)