Oh no! Pianos and Mice in the Kitchen!

I am a screamer when it comes to mice!  I walked into the kitchen this morning and one went scuttling across my path. AHHHHHHGGGGG! I jumped and screamed, and then spent the next three hours screaming at hand bags, soft toys and anything that moved in the kitchen.


They have found a new place to hang out in my kitchen, behind a built in set of bookcases. We spent most of the day on ‘mouse alert’, dusting, wiping, sweeping, looking behind every nook and cranny for tell tail signs (old poo) of the nasty little blighters. I found a pile of hazelnut shells and mouse droppings behind one of our speakers. SO much for spending the day composing!

So once again I had to move my old piano that has only got three castors and is really heavy. It is a lovely old Hopkinson, and I bought it for £200 when we moved in, 16 years ago. It is too big for the flat, but just has the most beautiful tone. I did not get it tuned for 10 years and it did not drop in pitch at all. We moved it this morning, with a lot of shouting and swearing, and it now sits right in the middle of our kitchen…ha ha! I can not understand how the mice seem to know when I am going to just hold out and do something creative, just for  for me. One appears, creates havoc and then I have to spend loads of time cleaning , blast……..


ON MY OWN -Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald

I need cheering up and Michael McDonald’s voice still does it for me..what a voice!….An old favourite of him and Patti.


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