Slowly but surely, I crochet, on buses and trains and tubes and the rainbow throw is starting to come together. It is going to be extremely time consuming sewing all the threads in and then piecing all the hexagons together, I have probably only done about a quarter of what I need.  I am gonna  back it with cotton and  a layer of thin woollen webbing so it is like a fairly thick throw for a bed. I may get back to you in a couple of months!..well a couple of months later the whole thing is in turmoil as the place I ordered the cotton from took 2 months to send the next lot and the colours are not quite the same and I have lost the will to argue. I ordered a special bag of colours the first time on a recommendation from a website…never again. I shall not tell you the name of the wool shop but it should have been called ‘spin you a yarn’, as they told porkies, did not answer emails…bla bla.

Had a bit of a tidy up yesterday as the flat was looking like someone may have burgled it…do you remember that funny yellow pages add, where the pretty girl from next door found his door ajar and thinks he has been burgled as the place is so messy…still makes me laugh!

ha ha ha

SONG OF THE DAY  –It might as Well Rain Until September -Helen Shapiro -written by Carole King -Let’s hear it for the girls!

I have re-discovered this song and am arranging it for summer camp and another singing group…so be warned fellow arrangers…cross it off your list, cos I am gonna smash it!