I was visiting Manchester yesterday and I travelled in a tram, and a gorgeous bright yellow one at that! I was looking up into the grey North-Western sky, musing about not a lot, and just as the tram pulled into the stop at Old Trafford, there was my first swift spot! I texted Mr P.  in London with my news. He walked out of the house and there they were whizzing overhead. He had been scouring the sky the day before, desperately trying to win the prize, but no swifts. So I win again! I am in no way bragging, it is just a funny thing that I always seem to see one first. So today a song to celebrate my accidental win on the swift sightings, ha ha !

R.Kelly -The World Greatest.

I have a little soft spot for R.Kelly’s song even though I don’t think I would like to share dinner with him, but you never know, I might be misjudging him. You can’t believe anything you read in the trash mags. Anyway here it is…an anthemic song, which kids particularly like to sing, as they do the song, ‘I believe I can fly’ .