Struggling today

Today I am struggling to write anything. Not so much mental block as mental overload. Too much in my head to let any of it out in any sort of semblance of clarity and also feel time is not on my side today. I am so enjoying doing the post a day, but do feel it is slightly taking over the small amount   of time I have that I can call my own ,  certainly is a big priority to get it done, which usually I welcome, but today it is just not happening.

‘Tomorrow is another day’ and as the sufi saying goes  ‘this too will pass’…so we will bow out with a song…mmmm something a little more poignant as it does not feel like I can muster the energy for dancing round the kitchen.


So as a response to one of my fellow blogger  the-30-day-song-challenge-day-10-a-song-that-reminds-you-of-your-father I am posting a really amazing version of ‘Africa by TOTO ‘ by an acapella group from Slovenia Perpetuum Jazzile. YOu need to stay with it during their ‘rainforest’ bit at the beginning which I used to do with kids in classrooms years ago. I need help linking my site to other bloggers too and having a blog roll, so help needed here please lovely fellow bloggers.


  1. Blogroll, yes, me too. I need to do that too. I haven’t got the facts to hand, but I believe it’s easy. Will let you know when I’ve figured it out 🙂

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