Two funny little co-incidences that made me laugh today. The first involved silicone headphones…more on that later.

silicone ear plugs

Tonight I am writing my blog in a service station coffee shop, as I am staying in a hotel-motel-holiday-inn ( ha ha) this evening, as an early start in the morning means it is better to be here than at home.I feel like I am a travelling salesman. A world I know very little about.

As a non car driver, I spend very little time in motorway service stations. So I am half way here and I realise I have forgotten the most important thing, which is my hand made silicone ear plugs which are an absolute essential for hotel-motel-holiday-inn, so go in to Boots the chemist at the railway station and decide on these earplugs. As I get to the paying place the bloke next to me is buying the same earplugs! ‘Have you used them before?’ I say… ‘No  but I’ll let you know how I get on!’ he laughs  ‘ I am going to a rock concert and I left my hand made silicone headphones at home’ he continues,  ‘ha ha ha’ I retort..’me too’. So we go our separate ways, to catch separate trains to completely different places in the country with matching silicone headphones, probably never to  meet again,  bonding for a moment over a pair of silicone headphones!

The second co-incidence today was I have been trying to get into a school  to start a singing project for about 9 months, the head teacher called me and we find that her sister only lives next door to me…small world…….Serendipidous.

So I am hoping my 22 decibel cut silicone £5 earplugs help me sleep in my wierd hotel-motel-holiday inn.

Rapper’s Delight” was released in 1979 single by us hip-hop group The Sugar Hill Gang. It wasn’t the first ever first single to feature rapping -that was ‘Talk to the Animals’ by Rex Harrison – ha ha, but it is generally considered to be the song that first popularized hip hop in the United States and around the world. Once again my song of the day features a song that uses a CHIC  sample -from the song ‘Good Times’. Sleep well!


Today its mostly photos from my journey around London yesterday. I attended this amazing  one day course organised  by Sing Up. Not sure what it was going to be as I had seen the word Media in the title, and when I got there it had the word, ‘interviewing’ Media in it. Gulp – It was all about learning how to be interviewed on Radio and TV            ( something I have never done before)

watching back my interview

At the end of the day I have to say, I felt a littler bit more confident about being asked, though when we practiced being interviewed for tv it was completely nerve wracking! There were about 7 people on the course and we all found it really scarey, but learned some really useful hints and tips. Biggest ones being to smile and make eye contact with the interviewer, among many other things.

on the bus
The Lights of the London Eye from the train
From the Bus

St. Paul's Cathedral at lunchtime

So  I was on a bus, a tube, a train and here are some of the places I took photographs  during the day.

Waterloo Station


Genesis -The Carpet Crawlers -Peter Gabriel from ‘Lamb Lies down on