So I once won fifty quid for singing ‘Get Here’ written by the amazing Brenda Russell, sung by the superb Oletta Adams in a karaoke competition, AND I can nearly play it on the piano – even though my middle name is ‘banana fingers’. The intro of the song and the first verse are gorgeous ‘you can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trail way, you can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind…but suddenly, for me, the lyrics  start to disintegrate  ‘you can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man ( no, no, no !). We keep it together as the piano riff is so hypnotic…well done Brenda it is beautiful…but then we get to the middle eight which for some reason, I feel it sounds like she finished it in her tea break, and I mean no offence ‘There are hills and mountains between us Always something to get over. If I had my way, surely you would be closer I need you closer’ mmmmm – the chords just take it into a land of  Gromit and cheese…I hope Brenda might read this blog and I can challenge her to a middle eight dual-whooooo who do I think I am..??

Brenda Russell,  Grammy winning songwriter royalty vs. me, a lowly unknown  impoverished vocal arranger. Well we is all entitled to our opinions and I think the middle eight of  ‘Get Here ‘ is baldy pants.

I feel the same about the Bee Gees’s middle eight of ‘Nights on Broadway’. Such an energy packing song  for dancing round the kitchen, massive screaming  backing vocal opportunities and then  splot!  we are invited to have a slow dance for eight bars, total change in feel..aargh…….and then  back to dancing on your own round the kitchen table…I usually sit down for 8 bars wailing how much ‘I  blinkin’ hate this bit’ ( bit of an opportunity to get my breath back though) then carry on dancing at the end. So, my quest is to find some more really stinking middle eights, which just slap the fine tunes that sandwich them  with the equivalent of a musical wet fish has begun..please join me in my quest…lets hang the barstools out to dry for all to see. love x x x

SONG OF THE DAY So we will start with Nights on Broadway…tell me you like the middle eight..tell me what I am missing..the rest of the song rocks- particularly the backing vocals after the middle eight.

Optimist or pessimist? Half full or half empty?  There is the blog challenge for the day.

The first thing I need to ask is about the starting point of the glass. If  it is empty, and then you fill it half way, it is half full. If you have a full glass, and  take half of it out, it is half empty…so perhaps, it’s all about what you have in the first place, surely? If  you have nothing or expect is all a bonus. If you have high expectations or have everything and it gets taken away from you then, yes, you may be more likely to be half -empty. Like if you lose half your hair….that ain’t never gonna be a half -full head of hair is it? Well is it? Surely someone who has lost half their hair cannot be deemed a pessimist for feeling ‘half empty’? Unless you are optimistic for a cure for baldness, and a pessimist knows there will not be one…ok I get the picture. But surely in some scenarios optimism is just a bit silly. Hope can be a bit naive, but then many people have continued to hope under the most ridiculous circumstances and their hope has not let them down.

If you have nothing,  hope becomes a much more important thing- believing that something good may happen, hope for the future. Is not hope the same as optimism? Ok granted.

I always thought I was an optimist, and then  someone called me the ‘queen of doom’ as I am quite anxious about somethings,   is not doom a pessimistic quality, so does that mean I am a pessimist…sometimes, and sometimes I am an optimist, but I  think like all opposite qualities they walk together though life hand in hand, where one is the other is following close by.

Like all attributes there are two sides to every story, the yin and yang polarity that is  life.   I will get up in front of 3000 people and sing  on my own, but I won’t jump out of an aeroplane and some people feel the opposite…who is the brave one and who is the coward?  Many of the bravest people I know are often the most cowardly, and the cleverest people I know are also the dumbest.

Sometimes couples take on the opposite characteristics of their partner,  if one person gets more suspicious, annoyed, or bitter,   the other  can become more open, calm or accepting, almost to balance it out it all out.  So  if you are full of hope, surely you cannot help but have moment of absolutes doubt, that is the nature of humanity. So I am rich, poor, up, down, brave, scared, good, bad, mad, sane, optimistc and pessimistic!

Blinking daft question in the first place…… I am just going round in blinkin circles with this blog suggestion and my life is passing me by……so….music maestro!!!



positive thinking…nuff said

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SO Happy February 1st! Still a bit down in the dumps,  so the attempts to keep from sliding into a small abyss continue.  Sensitive souls…most of us are, and we need to be gentle with  each other. I just need about 24 hours uninterupted sleep.


The Laughing Policeman

am adding a rather sweet comment from subscriber zxl345 of  youtube fame which sums all this song brings to the table …..“Laugh at this!?There’s nothing particularly humorous about it, save for the laughter, which is apparently meant to be the only source of humour in the song.Not that there’s anything wrong with the song, I just can’t help but find the “How can anyone not smile at this :)” comments, they’re annoying me.Now… *straightens tie and walks off”

so see if it works for you