The Desk is Clean…for a Moment!

SO the desk is clean…I am sharing this triumph as it has taken me a whole week to  get round to it, and it will probably stay like this for no more than a moment.

Before and after….. I would love it to look like this all the time but just seem destined to live between the extremes of empty clear ( well as clear as I can do) and completely bogged down with STUFF! After yesterday’s marathon blog I am gonna be short and sweet today and just spend a bit of time wallowing in the amount of space I have acquired by hiding all my paperwork so it cannot be seen ( but is still there) ha ha ha ha .


Talk Talk -It’s My Life- Great chords and am learning to play this on the guitar with the help of Mickey B. who plays magnificent guitar, so no one actually notices I am miming the guitar, when we actually get to play with any audience, as I forget everything I have learned. What ever key I transpose it into, it always ends up being in a key where there is one chord I have not learned yet, as it moves all round the place. Beautiful bit of songwriting

A little quote form Wiki I like about the singer from Talk talk, ‘Despite Mark Hollis’s absence from the public eye, he (as well as Talk Talk) continue to be mentioned in the press, inside Britain and outside, often as an example of an artist who refused to sacrifice his artistic ambition to commercial success and as a yardstick for current artists.

Love Paul Webb’s bass playing.I  absolutely love this video  – bits shot in London Zoo when they still had Elephants, and would recommend you all sit down and take a few minutes out of your busy lives to wallow in its loveliness while I go and practice C sharp on the guitar .

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