SO having had the perfect fry up ( last night’s fish pie and baked beans , mushrooms and a steamming cuppa)

Bought 3 packets of tulips for the price of one and a half       (‘ its 30p a flower!’ I was so  told off by the lovely old man ‘waste of money,  flowers’)

I waved him off to football match with 4 layers of thermals a muesli bar and a kiss.

…i returned to my desk..too may things to do so i decided to do the blog instead!

I have decided  I might be borderline dyslexic…have done the questionnaires on tinternet , and one of the tell tell ( ha ha you know what i mean)  signs, apart from funny pen grip, horribly handwriting, dodgy spelling,class clown or recluse , no short term memory, but great memory for faces, lots of niggly little physical symtoms is ( I have all of the above)….. is, a messy bedroom- so most teenagers would be dyslexic? believe it or not not all teenagers have messy bedroom…..

So I have the same thing- it is apparent with my desk, and my desktop, which is, as i have been told by many a mortal  sin- messy!. It will look sparkly about 3 times a year and I so want it to look like that all the time….but there are so many other important things to do.


I have a soft spot for Pink. In fact for any pop/artist who laughs at themselves and lets us do the same, and stands up for the little man with out coming over like a t*****r( note from editor…twitter?). One reason why for me, in my humble opinion Christine Aguilera has been off the  christmas card list( note from editor..was she ever on it?) is, she took a break,  we had Lady Gaga who is creative with a kapital K, has a huge heart and a sense of humour and we suddenly notice poor Ms Aguilera is possibly trying a bit too hard, taking herself an incy wincy bit too seriously and has no  noticeable tinges of irony /humour etc.

.so all day that ‘raise your glass’ has been whirring round. I really liked ‘so what’ as well which again was  hilarious and such a feel good anthem..There is in the video coming up what some would find a particularly pointed image of women being lactated and their milk being fed to a calf…Pink is a is something I am always aware of when taking part in dairy fests or when Veggie friends talk of cruelty to animals, that being kept pregnant all the time and hooked up to a machine must be one of a number of real cruelties to animals. But important heart wrenching issues is a great song !

Raise your Glass!

SO I am asleep..bravo! and then suddenly 1.59am I think I hear a big crash and I am now awake palpatating…Have we been broken into ? Or has lovely next door neighbour just decided to have little walk about in their garden at 2 in the morning…cos i know their back door  ( about 4 ft from my head when i am sleeping) sticks and is very noisy when it shuts…I can hear the radio  playing through the wall and see the light splling across the garden…so that might be the culprit. So what do i do now? Awake and bilious.

I thought the loud crash could have been in my head…but it does happen round these parts, if not next doors’ back door, it could be  the up-stairs neighbours doing late night  acrobatics from their ceiling…..I have a couple of contortionists who do very late night exercises together ( though I have complained about their late night antics, or should I say early morning banging, but have been told to stick it as it is a natural act -no wonder I am addicted to Neighbours. It is the fantasy of having neighbours who become good friends…ha ha ha. Chance would be a fine thing. Don’t do it Ringo ( I scream at the TV screen)…We have heard your songwriting. It needs to be a hobby…

But now i am definately feeling that the new ‘ ‘gluten free’ crumpet i had  ( well i had 2 actually) at about 10 pm with cheese and marmite might not have helped…and the gluten free crumpet tasted like the centre was mad of mashed potato…and i bought two packets and they say they are not suitable for freezing…

Funny story as i asked the  bread man in Sainsbo’s if he had any gluten free bread and he kindly lead  me to the FREE FORM   section. I was expecting to find a DJ in the middle of the gluten free section showing absolute distain for musical genre- so i not the only one who gets my letters all muddled.

…or perhaps i just had one too many squares of montezuma dark chocolate, and am suffering from mild caffeine overload, possibly it was too late in the evening for chocolate. At this moment …being asleep for 90 minutes a whole night does not make. SO I have had a cup of liver salts and will stay seated in a vertical position until the dreaded heartburn goes away.

i do not need to be up right now as i have to be at the hospital in the morning  for someone to poke around at the opening of my alimentary canal…nice. Well it is late and I feel at this moment it is only right to be down right honest about the predicaments which make up life…sorry if you are bit squeemish -Children…avert you eyes.

As you can see it is all rosy in London land..I am glad that I am not doing one of those…pesky homes and gardens blogs where you think…wow! i want to have that person’s life. I often wonder if in between gorgeous photos of order and ‘arty this and that’ there is murder most foul and stinky old washing up lining up in their kitchens.

SO what can SONG OF THE DAY be when it is really song in the middle of the night…gonna have peppermnt tea and have a little think…it’s now 3.10 am…the old man is off to work at i am keeping as quiet as i can.

It has to be ‘Wish I did’nt Miss you  -by Angie Stone as the line ‘I can’t eat , i can’t sleep anymore’ is running round my head at the moment..I wonder why..belch belch.It uses a sample from the marvellous O’Jays Backstabbers track from early 70’s Philadelphia sound and is a proper late night track.

Sooooo…presenting the other half of the long standing duo what is me and Mickey. We have been playing , singing and writing songs together for um…about 25 years…Seem to have conveniently mislaid any photos of us in the 80’s when there was an awful lot of crimping and hair dying going on.

Sometimes massive periods of studio work  with seventeen million backing vocals and as many instrumental tracks and then lots of acoustic stuff, and only in the last three months have i finally got me guitar out, so a renaissance of cover versions being played at What!-An Acoustic Evening.


Walking on a Tightrope -is a prime example of a slightly early 90’s track with just a tad too much going on in it. I wrote the lyrics about a work collegue I had, who was a  big something good came out of it…there is a nice break down half way, through so well worth listening to at least half of it before you start eating your arms off.  Have a Good Day

walking on a tightrope

Here is  picture of the BIG MOON over North London

and a trail of lights from a London bus…both taken in the last day.

So Michelle Piller -Starstruck Astorlogy says this about the full moon in cancer for anyone of you who believes any of this ‘mumbo jumbo’ ( me!) ‘There’s something very insular about Cancer’s energy, and this is intensified by the Full Moon’s presence here. The Moon rules Cancer, after all. We are all called to take responsibility for our emotional responses; and to look to ourselves, and members of our spiritual family, to strengthen the ties that will yield greater emotional and financial security. Allow the heightened intuition that this lunation brings to guide you, as you seek to make life more comfortable for yourself and others this week.’ It’s that simple.


Song of the Day

‘born with the moon in cancer’ came to mind as I walked down the road today. This song often makes me cry and funny it is about family ties, love, loss and selflessness.