So off I trudged on the train from St Pancras International to Ashford International for a 3 day residential with the Kent Youth Singers and The Kent Youth Choir. I picked the right weekend to teach Snow Patrol…Cold Play and ‘snow flakes that stay on my nose and eye lashes! Now the Kent Youth Singers are what  I call a set of classy singers!

I was privileged to work with them.

They worked so hard under freezing conditions, learned all the songs from memory and sung 6 songs beautifully at the concert -‘Chasing Cars’ -Snow Patrol, ‘My Favourite Things’, ‘Make You Feel my Love’ Bob Dylan, She’s Like A Swallow’, “Lean on Me’ and ‘Viva la Vida’ mostly in 4  or 5 part Acapella –  which was 5 hours early due to 4” of snow and really bad weather conditions. Even with so much snow everyone managed to dress up for dinner on Saturday night..and there more than a few extremely high heels tottering through the snow to the that is dedication to style!

The Kent Barbershop serenaded us after dinner with some very stylish polished material.

Scott worked with the ‘Kent Youth Choir’ another amazing group of singers, and they learned some really challenging stuff, two Arvo Part pieces and excerpts from Bach’s Magnificat, and Scott rehearsed both choirs teaching some of his own arrangements of several lovely carol arrangements with Jazz trio …splendid…

A fabulous  3 day weekend and concert…..MORE!!!!!