Happy granny square – Crochet Me.

So here I go

crochet hook in hand

wish me luck x x x


what happens….. Mel phones me up, do I wanna do lunch…never ‘do lunch’ so i said yeh!

probably won’t have a day for months..

‘meet you in archway in 15’….so i run past Station Road where they have planted 32 trees

hurrah for Islington Council Tree Department

so we found this lovely place next to Lady Cabs in Archway close called Spaghi

£6.95 for 2 courses Italian…nice and talked non stop for two hours

and now I need a nap…..

Well hello world and here it is the first day of the rest of my life. So its the last few days of the official easter holidays and just trying to do something that is not about singin, the beef stew is on and I have by chance meeting with Jacob one of my ex-A’level music student just discovered Ravelry – a knit and crochet community

I am determined to have a life beyond singing so have the wool and the crochet hook and gonna start that blanket today!

Got a lot of sorting out to do for the next singing term for the Bishopsgate Singers,  the Highgate Newtown Community Singers,Earthly Voices


the Ing Singers and the Isle of Dogs 50+ singers. Guildhall Summer Music school plus singers weekend…writing a musical for Torriano Juniors…Singing CLusters for Camlabi siffreden School for Girls and conducting at the Royal Albert Hall next Tuesday….. Lots of exciting things gonna happen.

catching flies

need more ginseng.

for now got to see if I can remember how to how to do the crochet.

Oh and here is a jolly picture of me rehearsing with the lovely Earthly Voices, taken by John-Paul Bland

Also here is a video of the lovely Bishopsgate Singers’s rendition of ‘Something inside so Strong’ by the delightful Labi Siffre